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Customers Have Great Things To Say About Rick’s Roofing LLC.

Rick’s Roofing recently replaced the roof on our house. And, here’s the thing about Rick and Rick’s Roofing Company, he cares about people. He cares about the jobs he’s doing. And he cares about the professionals he works alongside.

If you read a handful of reviews on Rick, you’ll notice a common thread. It’s that he takes the time to thank each reviewer for their review. And the reviews themselves echo the sentiment of a contractor who understands that he is working on people’s homes. On a part of their life. Not just on wood and in money. And he puts forth the effort to ensure that the customers are happy with the end result. And even more so, that the results meet his demanding eye.

A major part of this dedication to quality comes in Rick’s communication skills. My wife and I worked endlessly, it seemed to me, on the intricate details of the two jobs we’ve done with him (siding project still underway). He was able to assist us in getting the job done, and done properly, not just in a way that is pleasing to the eye, but bearable on the budget as well. Through his breadth of experience as a general contractor and as the son of a roofer, Rick has access to a network of specialists that he trusts. Being able to easily integrate Rick’s additional subs into the job gave us opportunities to save money in ways we hadn’t considered. Rick has a knack for squeezing every dollar out of a budget and the patience to work with the client on all aspects of planning. From budget to building.

In our older home, projects have a way of being plagued with unforeseen problems (my emphasis on having the job done Properly). Again, with all the skills and contacts of a general contractor, Rick has been repeatedly able to find ways to keep pushing the project , while still keeping costs in line. His flexibility and attention to detail, in considering every aspect of the project, have been of great value to us.

In all, I would highly recommend Rick’s Roofing to anyone who wants a job done right, at a fair price, and by a company that doesn’t just want to write you an invoice, but wants to help build your future life.

Matt Wharton